Industrial Gear Boxes

Our serious gearboxes are rugged & suitable for general industrial applications in Oil & Gas, Chemical, Power, HVAC and many more applications.

Gearboxes are intended for the operation of quarter turn Ball, Plug & Butterfly Valves. High grade SG Iron body with alloy steel worm shaft provides reliable performance for tough & arduous valve application.

The design is suitable for accommodating several accessories such as padlock devices, limit switches, positioners and electrical actuators.

  • Rated Torque 400 Nm to 50000 Nm
  • Temperature range -20 to + 80 ˚C
  • Optimally selected gear ratios & MA
  • Mounting base to ISO 5211
  • Self locking with Ground teeth profiles
  • Tapper roller bearings
  • Sealed to IP 67
  • Travel stops with +/- 5 degover travel
  • Factory lubricated & Maintenance free
  • Planetary reduction for compactness